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where nihilism is the new structuralism
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10th-May-2006 08:20 pm(no subject)
qui est in? qui est out?
Hi! I'm new here.

Now for your viewing pleasure:
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30th-Apr-2006 02:51 pm(no subject)
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Today, there's an article in the New York Times art section about the upcoming Daniel Clowes/Terry Zwigoff movie, Art School Confidential. Art School Confidential is elaborated on from a short comic segment Clowes had done in an Eightball edition. This will be Clowes and Zwigoff's second movie collaboration, the first being the highly successful 2001 Ghost World (also based off of a Clowes comic book). Before Ghost World, Zwigoff received a lot of attention in the mid-90s for his documentary of legendary underground comic R. Crumb.

A lot of die-hard Clowes fans were not that impressed by the Ghost World film adaptation, most of it due to how much the script was altered from the original comic book plot (but those were decisions Clowes, himself, made). However, people like me who were introduced to Clowes through the Ghost World movie, and not through his comics, tend to have a much better opinion of it (I saw it when I was 16 or 17- the perfect time to see it!). A lot of it comes down to personal preference: maybe Clowes is selling out- at least a little, but is that really a bad thing when his movies are what encourage people to check out his comics?

Anyway, Art School Confidential is due out in theaters sometime in May, Go see it!
4th-Feb-2006 01:25 pm - more on Dana Schutz...
Dana Schutz, 2004 interview


At twenty-seven, painter Dana Schutz's young career is already a sum of intriguing contradictions. She has staged a noteworthy exhibition at LFL Gallery in New York and gained a following for her work, yet she still paints in a communal studio building with makeshift walls and suspect wiring. Schutz graduated from Columbia's high-profile MFA program in 2002. Fellow students included such promising newcomers as Kevin Zucker, David Altmejd, and Barnaby Furnace. Yet she appears unjaded, despite this ambitious milieu, projecting a friendly and unpretentious outlook, as befits her Midwestern upbringing. Schutz's imagined universe is full of cannibals, castaway men, and primordial landscapes. Her first European solo show, Self Eaters and the People Who Love Them, opened last month at Paris's Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. Her provocative exhibition titles create an almost cinematic narrative between her paintings.

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Dana Schutz is one, if not the most potentially huge break-out artist of the decade. Has anyone come across her work, or, even her name, so far? She lives and works out of a studio in Brooklyn.
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This interview was conducted over a two-day visit to Edward Gorey’s Victorian home on Cape Cod in August 1994. A poison ivy vine had made its way through a window casing in the living room.

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Edward Gorey w/ The Doubtful Guest, 1958

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20th-Dec-2005 01:42 pm - the hipster art club

The hipsterartclub is a community intended to be an open-forum discussion for art.
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